Service Is Success

I firmly believe that what we bring to the table defines ability, how we bring it defines success.

I strive to always provide excellent service. Attention to detail and responsiveness are key. This journey for me is a relatively new one, but my writing and personal service speak for themselves. In the meantime, take advantage of what I consider "entry rates" while they last.

If you have that gut feeling to contact me, my advice is to trust it! Get in touch! Below you'll see what I can do to bring you greater daily joy.... :)

                 I specialize in crafting...

  • Landing pages that masterfully convert prospects into participants,
  • Brand empowering content that builds ultimate trust in your company, 
  • Email copy that people will actually want to read, compelling them into fans, 
  • Website pages about your company, products, or vision which share your story, 
  • Blog posts designed to inform, entertain, and create subscribers to your site...





Web Design

Holistic Health

Mental Wellness


Human Potential


Human Relations

To the left you will notice a few categories. These are my bread & butter topics to dive into.

I am heavily involved in researching, writing, planning, and enjoying aspects of each topic I write on... therefore I can come up with angles that create impact.

I do not follow this list strictly, if you have an idea and want me to write it I am certain we can come to a conclusion. At least contact me before stopping something that never had a chance to start.

My current rates (subject to change):

Jobs that require a per word amount,
I write for $.15 / word minimum. 

Jobs that require an hourly wage amount,
I write for $70 / hour minimum.

Jobs that require a monthly retainer,
I write starting at $2,000 / month minimum.

If you would like to keep this simple, I have my services bundled up in packages below. You can purchase a package right away and skip most of the back and forth on the back-end... As the nerd I truly am, you'll have to forgive the titles and just go with it...

The Lone Wolf

For the soloist. The DIY Die Hard.
One Person Wolf-Pack?
No worries, service here is simply efficient.

Starting at $420 you get 6-hours of Copywriting Service. 1-hour is (1)500 word page of premium written content. Limited email support.

The Party Leader

When it's time to rally for a much larger cause.

No worries, service here is simply efficient.

Starting at $697 you get 10-hours of Copywriting Service, Unlimited Email Support, and Brand Empowering Consultation.

Elite Empire Partnership

When an empire is all that is worthy...
the back pocket Ace.

No worries, service here is simply efficient.

Have plans to shoot for stars? Have your Kraken Fed, Ready For Releasing? Customized Copy For Big Time Projects & Brands

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