Who's the more foolish

The fool, or the fool who follows him?

To me this basically states - We are in this together.

These words when first uttered (poetically in their performance I might add) marked a moment when strangers with a common Quest found themselves up against a major challenge. No one was willing to fail even though the outcome was unclear, and failure seemed probable.

If they were fools, that was the exact way for each to own their destinies. Their plans succeed because none were too foolish to know when to do the right things, and what those things were to be.





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Hey there, My name is Christopher. You can call me Chris.

Normally this is where people like me who freelance their skills vomit out every achievement and accolade they can muster up.

I won't do that here, nor will I ever. I've got a philosophy on achievement that I want to grow into and I want this philosophy to be a major impact on how I conduct business:

The achievements and accolades I am to be proud of are the achievements and accolades I've been able to help others acquire.

I like to move in angles, indirect achievement is oddly satisfying...

I feel a sense of beauty and ecstasy arise from applying my own touch of creativity and care into the vision of someone else, then getting to watch it blossom into a reflection of who they are all while growing as an asset for their community and for themselves personally. 

That being said... I will never boast of that here. My satisfaction comes from the transfer of joy and fulfillment that impact and improvement provide - not from the accolades attached after the fact.

Moments of impact are moments of magic, and to see someone grow and improve themselves and/or a venture is nothing short of miraculous. That is why I write for a living - not just for the coin involved. A living includes both sides of this particular coin, your life and mine.

Many writers may say that their achievements inspire them to continue writing - I think that is awesome that it works for them.

I write because YOUR achievements inspire me, and I do enjoy more than anything else getting to be a part of that process. 

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If you REALLY want to "know" who I am before making contact then by all means keep reading. I prefer to work with someone I like and I'm sure it goes without saying that you do too.

Here are some random facts:

  • I dream to be a real life Jedi. I've even gone as far as to study the ancient Egyptian concept of "djed" to see if any dots connected...
  • I am fascinated by how video games impact humans using certain neurological feedback mechanisms to entice motivation. I game, from time to time. I also enjoy fantasy and fiction pen and paper role playing. Really helps with practicing creative writing!
  • I study gamification which is the process of applying neurological feedback mechanisms found commonly in playing video games towards goals, aspirations, and other productivity based facets of life.
  • I graduated class valedictorian while sleeping my way through high school. I also began building websites by code in 2002 at the age of 12.
  • I'm obsessed with lucid dreaming, learning and harnessing peak human potential (coming from the snoozing braniac), technology & futurism, and with discussing ideas designed to bring humanity to the cusp of evolutionary transcendence... I carry lofty ambitions.
  • I think big but live simple. I keep my mind focused on what is in front of me... No road trip was ever made successfully without watching the road and noticing the signs along the way - I'll get where I'm going when I get there.
  • According to the Myers Briggs personality test, my type is INFP - I've heard they are rare, I just always thought I was weird... apparently both of these are facts (INFP's supposedly make excellent writers... right on!)
  • Professionalism to me is a style of service, not a style of self. I have my own style, it is rarely suit and tie, but I serve my creativity with class and priority.

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